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Digital Recording in the Age of Virtual

In this age of uncertainty, travel restrictions, rescheduled F2F sessions pivoting to digital sessions, the GR/GF doesn't have to be left behind with their markers and paper. 

Learn and level up your digital recording skills with last years' digital series from IFVP's Fireside Chat series, featuring Verity Harrison, Heather Martinez, Malgosia Kostecka, Muddy Schlegel, Raquel Benmergui, Christina Merkeley, and Lisa Moore.

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Episodes in full include:
Heather Martinez and Verity Harrison Digital Scribing with Concepts App: 
Malgosia Kostecka on digital scribing:
Muddy Schlegel on Digital Scribing: screens, connections, adapters:
Digital Scribing with Christina Merkley and Lisa Moore:
Digital Scribing with Raquel Benmergui
Digital Scribing with Amy Sparks on Procreate:

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In the spirit of generosity during challenging times, and as Heather Martinez wished as the volunteer content creator and contributor, we are opening this content to EVERYONE. You need only be a visual practitioner, or someone simply interesting in learning about digital scribing. 

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