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#drawing4peace in solidarity with Ukraine

This is a request that goes out to all VIUSAL PRACTITIONERS around the globe 
get your markers, pencils, stylus, iPads, bamboo pads ready and sketch to support peace in Ukraine.

visualization is our tool spread the sketch and use #drawing4peace 

raise your visual voices  - be creative, dream or just share your emotions - and show what´s all possible 


IFVP - International Forum of Visual Practitioners

#drawingtheworldtogether #weareIFVP #visualpractitioner

draw wherever you can on whatever feels helpful. No need to be perfect, it´s about your passion for drawing

as I had the chance to fly on the 26th I used the chance and the plane took that message for peace further on that day through Europe - I attached it to motivate you all to just get started to sketch - if I can , than YOU can