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End of year IFVP workshops and conference retrospective

Covid-19 took its toll on our livelihoods this year. Yet we continued our efforts to improve our earning opportunities with networking and trainings. We launched the Online Learning Series – OLS in February this year and little did we know it’d be such an important source of development and connection, a true member benefit.

The 2020 Annual Conference went completely virtual and yet we Discovered, Dreamed and Designed together throughout three days in the summer. We had two great keynote speakers, Christopher Fuller and Mark Tippin and more than 26 workshops throughout the conference. If you didn’t attend the recordings are available for purchase.

Purchase recordings of 2020 Conference Day One at this link:

Purchase recordings of 2020 Conference Day Two at this link:

Purchase recordings of 2020 Conference Day Three at this link:

Pre conference workshops “Working Visually in a Virtual World” with Muddy Schlegel and the Neuland sponsored “How to be successful with Analog Tools” with Sandra Dirks and Heather Martinez, were a total success. The recordings are also available for purchase. The proceeds from the Neuland sponsored workshop are going towards IFVP scholarships.

Purchase recording of 2020 Pre conference workshop with Muddy Schlegel at this link:

Purchase recording of 2020 Pre conference workshop with Sandra and Heather at this link:  

If you attended the Conference, the workshop and plenary recordings are available to you. You have to be logged into your account to access them. Can’t find that email with access details? Just email and we’ll hook you up.

Our 2020 OLS series, which is normally an IFVP member-only benefit was made available to the public. However only members have access to the recordings. You must be logged into your account and access the recordings from the FOR MEMBERS dropdown menu.  The 2020 OLS Series delivered 11 sessions in English and 7 sessions in Spanish.

Workshops for free, at low fee, and graphic jam sessions were also offered this year. Some of the offerings included “ Virtual 101 MURAL Workshop”, “Playing with Fear: Turning Uncertainty into Possibilities”, and “Empathy for Social Connection” and "Creating Partnerships That Advance Equity".  For a special treat watch the “Virtual Knowledge Wall Workshop with dpict”:

This year we prepared a lot of sessions to support your professional development, foster community building and networking and to keep us connected. We would love to hear from you about future workshops. What are your suggestions? What would you like to learn? The OLS 2021 Cohort team is already gathering answers to those questions to continue to improve our learning and provide value to our members.

We’d like to thank all trainers, visual practitioners, facilitators, authors, executives, and community members who came together to make our offerings happen. We could not have done all of that without each and everyone of you. And thank you to all of our membership and public for attending our sessions. Stay tuned for next sessions to be announced!