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Finding Your Signature Style

Do you rely on your handwriting for rapid capture when you are graphic recording or facilitating?

Have you ever wanted to improve your handwriting but didn’t know where to start?

Perhaps you read a book about it, or took a class but it left you feeling like you didn’t quite get there.

Or maybe your handwriting is good, but you want it to be stylized to reflect who you are.

Do you look at other people’s handwriting and think, “I want my handwriting to look that cool!”?

It's time to quite comparing, thinking, wishing, and wondering and take this class!

Finding Your Signature Style

2 Sessions: Mondays, July 17 & 24
10am - 12:30pm MDT
Find your local time here.

In this two-part, 5-hour class, we will confront your handwriting head-on and wrestle it to the ground so you can leave class holding hands with it.

I want you to fall in love with your handwriting…okay, at least feel better about it and want to show it off to the world.

Upon registration, you will receive:

  • Access to Unlock Your Neuland Markers
  • Invitation to the live session and recording: Tools of the Trade held Tuesday, July 11. This is to help you get acquainted with the different types of nibs.
  • An exercise to find or confirm your favorite mark-making tool for the class.
  • A quick intention-setting exercise.

This is a hands-on, participatory class that requires a lot of writing by hand. While the session will be recorded, the interactivity by joining live will help you reach your handwriting goals faster and give you a deeper understanding of the marks you make.

Who is this class for? You are:

  • Someone whose handwriting is good, and wants it to be great!
  • Interested in getting to know yourself better by investigating your handwriting.
  • Optional, but designed for:
    • Visual practitioners who want to stylize their rapid capture writing (content level).
    • Illustrators, graphic designers and artists who want to add handwritten text to their works: advertising, books, drawings, paintings, and other forms of visual communication.
    • Calligraphers who love making beautiful letters slowly and want their handwriting to be beautiful too!
Event Date and Time: 
Monday, July 17, 2023 - 10:00am
Event Location: 
Online - MDT
CO 81301
United States
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