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The HappeningX

What is the Happening?

Happening(X) is a new virtual event, drawing on many different disciplines that will enable you to connect with those who share a passion for Collaboration, Facilitation, Visualisation and all things change and transformation.

It is an opportunity to choose your own adventure, it's part conference, part innovation jam, part experiment(!), part social network and part place to learn.

We are organised as a Global City in the Cloud that is alive 24/7 enabling you to connect and collaborate at a time and place that works for you. The focus of the event is the conversations that you have with your other global citizens, and there may also be scheduled moments run by leaders in our field: keep checking back for details and shout if you would like to host a moment!

We will kicking off with our launch party at 9pm AEST on Sunday 26th July. Click here for alternative time zones

What is this about again?

in 2015, Bob Kraska started a conversation, it was about a reunion, it was about getting together a group of people who used to work together on mass collaboration events (DesignShops) and through shared experience, created a community who all shared a passion for facilitation, collaboration, change and transformation. As this community had spread around the world, Bob was joined by Frances and Nyk and together created the first Happening in 2016 - it was an event that attracted participants from all over the world and started the Happening Movement.

Over the years, a small team has kept the Happening flame alive, building a community of over 750 people and has managed to deliver 4 global face to face events covering a lap of the world.

We have grown from a community of MGTaylor practitioners in to a community of people who have a curiosity and a passion for collaboration, design, facilitation, graphic facilitation making an impact and ultimately working in our own ways to recreate the world as a work of art for all.

We are open to all, we are keen to share and we are keen to learn...

Event Date and Time: 
Sunday, July 26, 2020 - 6:00am
Event Location: 
4040 N Kedzie
4th Fl
Chicago, IL 60618
United States
Event Type: