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Here is why online Graphic Jams are important

We hosted our second online Graphic Jam today. We had a small turn out but it was perfect for us to play with words and pictures, as well as learn a bit about each other. 

The true value of a Graphic Jam is to learn how to depict concepts in ways that go beyond your own personal lexicon. While we were sharing our drawings of the word Intention, Monica Curca pointed out that we'd all focused on the positive side of intention. So we decided to play with a negative lens. While sharing out our drawings of the word Viability - which personally was difficult for me - it was amazing to see the breadth of creativity and individual translation it took.


The other value Graphic Jams bring is the building of an online lexicon of icons, made by us, to help inspire you when you are drawing blanks (pun intended!). As a member, you will be able to access this at your leisure. Every graphic jam will generate more images to add to act as inspiration. This is a benefit of membership in the IFVP, to contribute to the lexicon and draw inspiration from it.


Online Graphic Jams are not just about the drawing but also people. We are all peers and all have something to learn and teach, from the neophyte to the master, your experience and insight is useful to any visual practicitioner of any level. It is also important for us to create relationships across our membership. Every one of us comes to this field in their own unique way. I have yet to meet someone with a boring story as to how they found their way into the field of graphic facilitation and recording. The more we connect, see one another, match names to faces, spend time inspiring and encouraging each other, the better we are as individual praticitioners but also as a community. 

Connection is important to this board. We are working hard to create channels for our members to share their knowledge and learn from other members. You are all inspiring, talented, and creative members of the visual community and your peers are looking for guidance, advice, knowledge exchange, and growth. Our goal with the monthly Graphic Jam is to help connect you to others in the community, inspire you to stretch yourself, and engage you in sharing your ideas and vision. 

If you are an IFVP member, you can view the recording of the Graphic Jam here, as well as access to the Airtable Gallery of images from the : Graphic Jam recordings
If you are not an IFVP member, but want to access benefits like viewing archived Graphic Jams and the images drawn during the jam, please join here: Become an IFVP member


My First Graphic Jam

I attended the July 7th Graphic Jam and agree with everything Sunny stated above. As a new IVPF member, I found that seeing what others drew valuable, as s well as making connections within the group. Attending the Graphic Jam was fun, enlightening and the time flew by at an incredible pace. If you've not attended one, make some time to do so. I am eagerly awaiting the next one!


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