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The IFVP 25th Anniversary

2020 is the IFVP's 25th Anniversary of our IFVP Conference history. As such, the IFVP 2020 Annual Conference is currently being developed by the IFVP Board Members to celebrate our 25th Anniversary in the summer of 2020 in a location to be determined.  

IFVP and the WorldViz in Cape Town Team have had many conversations to determine if partnering together for a 2020 Global Conference was a mutually beneficial partnership. While we support the same community, in our conversations, we found we had different visions and wanted to address different purposes for our conference. IFVP is focused on creating a 25th-anniversary experience that celebrates our roots in the place it was born, California, USA. You will see more information become available once our 2020 Conference team is ready to name the 2020 Conference Committee Chair.  

In the meantime, IFVP Board supports and encourages our membership, partners, and others in the Visual Practitioner community to continue to create events such as the WorldViz in Cape Town and VizConf in Australia to provide value to the community at large. We believe that all events in 2020 offer a win-win for our membership - choice of location, content and focus. 

There will be more to come on these events in the coming months so keep your ears to the ground, mark makers!