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IFVP Asia gathers!

I was glad to be invited by Chung Li, Tul and Jilly to zoom in with the IFVP Asia meetup on Saturday, November 25th (that's their time, for me it was 9pm on Friday night!). It looked like about 60 participants altogether (about half online, half in person) and for me there was active conversation on the zoom chat and facebook group. I met some very talented and excited people who were eager to learn about visual practice and the IFVP. The leaders did a great job of introducing IFVP history and value to those gathered, and I was able to share some information in the chat about resources, basic and premium membership, and the IFVP Institute's (almost done!) visual competency model and Certified Visual Practitioner accreditation through INIFAC. Thanks to the organizers and all who participated. We are a growing global community, and what we do has all kinds of amazing value in our complex world. We hope to see many of the participants at the 2024 Montclair Global Summit meeting. We noted that odd numbered years are for regional meetups like this one, while even numbered years are for global summits. 2026 is already planned for Capetown South Africa, and with the energy shown by this meetup, who knows but we might see 2028 in Chang Mai, Thailand! Our calendar is filling up, we hope other regions will begin submitting proposals for future summits.