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IFVP Board of Directors April meeting

The board of directors met on Saturday, April 22. We are excited that there are many renewals of membership, often at the two year premium level, and often by long time highly experienced practitioners. This helps us to see that we are coming back from covid and have a strong role to play in the global field.

A short survey will be sent out soon to help us understand the context of those in our field, with special attention to regional connections and challenges. We know, for instance, that some areas of the world face challenges securing paper and boards for visual work. And others find themselves somewhat isolated in terms of having peer practitioners to work with. Our goal is to gain a clear sense of the personas that we serve, and then to build a strong value proposition to meet their needs.

We spent time discussing the regional gatherings, and noted that there will be a May 4 meeting (10am EST) to learn from past organizers and encourage new meetings. We also discussed emerging options for the 2024 global summit, and will be seeking a final round of proposals from members in the hopes of making a decision by our June meeting or earlier. Please be sure to send us any interest you may have in hosting a global summit, either in 2024 or 2026 or 2028 or on! We spent time brainstorming new Online Learning Series topics, and looked over communication plans for onboarding new and returning members. We ended the meeting before taking a group picture, so you have the image of our board from the "about" section here! We celebrated the great response to the OLS led by Chance McGee on caricature, and want to call out the excellent social media work being done by Markus Eichel!

Thanks to all who make our community the generous and supportive group that it is.