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IFVP Board of Directors March Meeting

The IFVP Board of Directors met on Saturday, March 9. We took time to check in about our family connections, and then reviewed reports for our finances and membership. We spent most of our meeting discussing the upcoming summit and planning for it. We noted that contracts have been signed for the space, the gala dinner entertainment, professional headshots and video clips, general photography and some off-site housing. We should be finalizing workshop presentations, the schedule and on-site dorm housing soon. The registration page is live now, and will be part of a landing page in development. We discussed the post-covid challenges around flight costs (which are double or triple what they were in 2019 when we came to Montclair the last time). Additionally we noted that the post-covid economics in Asia and South/Latin America are still challenging. We discussed the role of our basic membership as a way to offer a lower cost connection to the visual practice community, with over 50 of our videos available that include trainings from many who will also be presenting at the summit. Plans are underway to discuss our website makeover, the IFIVAC certification, the Visual Practice Competency Model and our 2025 regional meetings during the summit. We will be working on sponsorships as well and if you know of potential sponsors please let us know.

We enjoyed our time together as many had not been able to attend one or other of the 2024 meetings, but were present for this meeting. It is wonderful to be part of a global community and to catch up on what is happening in Peru, Thailand, the US, Vietnam, Germany and China. The Summit will be a great opportunity to learn and network as our practice continues to grow globally.