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IFVP Board of Directors meeting: February 10

The IFVP Board of Directors met on Saturday, February 10 for our regular meeting. After checking in, we looked at reports on membership and finances. We have an increasing number of basic memberships, which was our hope for increasing our diversity, equity and inclusion by offering a lower cost version of membership. This has presented a challenge however as memberships are our primary income stream for maintaining our operation. We discussed the need to develop multiple income streams and to research whether the basic membership is meeting our DEI hopes. We then spent time learning our way around our revised basecamp workflow. We have restructured the current project around ways we connect, work on projects together, and then use our assets for the benefit of members. We are grateful for the project management expertise that Sarah Spencer devoted to setting this up! We then discussed updates around the global summit and the Institute certification project. We noted with gratitude that the International Sketchnote event planned their schedule to back up to the end of the global summit. In that way people are able to attend the summit, catch a Friday afternoon flight to Texas, and then attend the sketchnote gathering. Combined with the three day Grove Principles of Graphic Facilitation taking place just before the summit (also at Montclair), a really committed person would attend that, our preconferences, the summit and then the sketchnote conference! That would be a real professional learning time! After we finalize the presenters for the workshops we have approved, we will be sending out much more about the Summit. It is going to be an amazing time of reconnecting, networking and learning together. We hope you will attend.