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IFVP Board of Directors September meeting

The IFVP Board of Directors met on Monday, September 11. We checked in and looked at membership and financial reports. We discussed progress on the 2024 Montclair Global Summit and prepared feedback for the planning committee. We spent time discussing the Online Learning Series and upcoming speakers. We had done a survey of meeting feedback and realize that we need to spend time both in general discussion of our goals as well as time on specific initiatives. We have moved through our strategic planning process from last year to the point where we are coming up with clear tactics for benefiting our members and growing our association. The personas project gave us some clarity around our messaging. We will be working on updating the website information and launching our 2024 board nominations process. A packet is being prepared to help potential board members understand what we are seeking to accomplish together as an association and as a board. We hope to launch that on September 18. We are excited that many initiatives are underway and that we see a clear path to moving forward on our goals.