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IFVP Drink and Draw Graphic Jam: March 25th @3PM ET

Join Sunny BenBelkacem with the International Forum of Visual Practitioners (@IFVP) for a good, old fashioned graphic jam, a staple learning and teaching activity of the IFVP’s old, analogue, face-2-face days. 
Grab a coffee (or a beer, wine, cocktail, juice, or water) and settle in for a fun hour of drawing pictures with each other and learning new ways to depict words, ideas, and metaphors. Take a break in your crazy virtual day for drawing, connecting, exchanging and delighting. Have your iPad, tablet, or paper and markers on hand and be ready to share!
This event is FREE and OPEN to everyone. Be sure to pre-register as we have a 300 participant limit!
This event is FREE and OPEN to everyone.
Mar 25, 2020 03:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time
Be sure to pre-register: