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IFVP Global Summit: Bilbao Pre-Summit Workshops


Hello friends, our apologies for the late notice regarding these pre-summit offerings. We are glad to finally announce the availability of the following workshops.


Single day workshops
GR 101 in Spanish: July 26
GR 101 in English: July 27

Two day workshops
VF 101 (English): David Sibbet, Adding Facilitation to your Graphic Recording
Pathways Through Change: Gisela Wendling




Single day workshops

This year GR101 will be offered in Spanish and in English.
Trainers: Lucinda Levine and Renatta Algalarrondo
Dates: in Spanish July 26 and English July 27
Place: IED Kunsthal Bilbao
Price: $650 Euros (IFVP Members will receive a 15% discount)


Do you want to learn the basics of graphic recording or hone the skills you already have? Spend a focused and fun hands-on day, practice at the big wall, and wrap it all up with a panel of esteemed seasoned practitioners. Reserve your spot today!

GR101 provides a one-day introduction to graphic recording for visual practitioners of all types. Whether you are a facilitator who works with groups and wants to expand your toolkit using visuals, or you are new to the graphic recording industry and want to build your experience, GR101 is for you! We'll cover:

  • Tools for graphic recording
  • Lettering and typography
  • Bullets, basic icons, and drawing representations of people
  • Tying visuals together with boxes, banners, arrows, shading, and titles
  • Adding color and detail to your charts
  • Small and large format graphic recording
  • Listening skills


¿Quieres aprender los conceptos básicos del registro gráfico o perfeccionar las habilidades que ya tienes? Pasarás un día práctico enfocado y divertido, practicaras en una gran pared y cerrando la sesión con un panel de profesionales experimentados. ¡Reserva tu plaza hoy!

GR101 es una introducción, de un día, al registro gráfico para profesionales visuales de todo tipo. Si eres un facilitador que trabaja con grupos y quieres ampliar tu kit de herramientas usando imágenes, o si eres nuevo en la industria visual y quieres desarrollar más tu experiencia, ¡GR101 es para ti!

¿En qué consiste?

  • Herramientas para el registro gráfico
  • Lettering y tipografía
  • Viñetas, iconos básicos y representaciones de dibujos de personas
  • Vinculación de elementos visuales con cuadros, banderolas, flechas, sombras y títulos
  • Uso del color y detalles 
  • Registro gráfico de pequeño y gran formato
  • Habilidades de escuchar

Este año GR101 se ofrecerá en español y en inglés.
Formadoras: Lucinda Levine y Renatta Algalarrondo
Fechas: en español 26 de julio e inglés 27 de julio
Lugar: IED Kunsthal Bilbao
Precio: $650 Euros (IFVP Members will receive a 15% discount)


Two Day Workshops Leading into the Summit Start


Recorders need to understand the role of facilitation either as a graphic facilitator doing both board work and process leadership, or as a partner with a consultant or facilitator. This workshop will introduce the idea of becoming aware of four different flows of group process that need to be managed: the ATTENTIONAL flow the ENERGETIC flow, the INFORMATION flow, and the OPERATIONAL flow. While recording focuses on information, the visual facilitator manages all four. You will learn principles and practices that are immediately applicable. We will also explore some of the basic things to think about in designing a visual process in advance of a meeting, for either in-person or virtual engagements.

Date: July 26-27 Trainer: David Sibbet
Place: IED Kunsthal Bilbao
Price: $850 Euros (IFVP Members will receive a 15% discount)



Do you have a visual map to the territory of change? Do you want to understand the pathway from Shake it to Shape it, which is the theme of this year’s IFVP conference? Are you interested in understanding and working with the process of renewal that is at the heart of transformational processes? And do you want to be part of a conversation with participants from all over the globe to appreciate and together make sense out of how we have been impacted by the crises we have been facing in our personal and collective lives? 

In this workshop, you will have the opportunity to: 

  • Learn about the Wendling Liminal Pathways Change Framework™ and how change agents all over have applied this framework to a wide range of settings, and why they find it so useful. 
  • Apply the Liminal Pathways Change Framework™ to a change challenge you are currently dealing with.
  • Design your pathway through the uncertain and ambiguous territory of change into a possible future that would work for you.
  • Explore what unique practices or ritual-like activities can help you leave behind what has been, embrace the in-between, and welcome the new.
  • Explore the essential capabilities that will help you and others design, lead, and navigate change. 
  • Experience the feeling of community that is possible for people who move through change together.


Gisela Wendling, Ph.D., Educator, Sr. Consultant with The Grove Consultants International, and Co-director of the GLEN (Global Learning & Exchange Network), will be your guide. IN 2018, she co-authored Visual Consulting: Designing & Leading Change with her husband and professional partner, David Sibbet. Currently Gisela is publishing her research and writing a book on the efficacy of the Liminal Pathways Change Framework™.

Over thirty years of professional experience, Gisela has cultivated a consulting practice that supports visionary leaders and their organizations to embrace new futures and to navigate the generative tensions and challenging tensions inherent in change. Her passion for developing change leaders and practitioners includes directing the Masters in Organization Development (OD) at Sonoma State University, teaching at Meridian University, and offering a range of immersive programs. Her approach integrates her foundation in OD with insights from her doctoral research into transformational processes and field experiences with traditional peoples and their rites of change practices across four continents. Gisela is German and born and raised and has been living on the West Coast of the US for over thirty years. She now lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.


It was the first change framework that felt like it was describing how I dealt with change and what I felt when experiencing change. Graphic Facilitator, Germany

The framework gave me the language I needed to introduce the process of change to the leadership teams I facilitate. Professional Facilitator and Vision Quest Guide for Veterans, US

The Liminal Pathways Change Framework melds theory and practice with the deep knowledge about rites of passage and ancient wisdom. This can now easily be used for business contexts. Sr. Organization Development Practitioner, Germany 

Date: July 26-27 
Workshop Leader: Gisela Wendling, Ph.D.
Place: IED Kunsthal Bilbao
Price: $850 Euros (IFVP Members will receive a 15% discount)