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IFVP Global Summit: Bilbao Pre-Summit Workshops




For a variety of reasons, our plans for the workshops have changed. David and Gisela are busy with business transitions and will not be available to lead their workshops. Registration for the GR101 (both English and Spanish) has been low. Responding to these circumstances, we are restructuring in the following way. We will hold one two day workshop in the space held for VF101. As President of the IFVP and IFVP Institute, Dr. Bakelaar will host this time as a collaborative learning space. David Sibbet has graciously provided some videos for us to use, and Dr. Bakelaar has done an extensive amount of training with David through the GLEN (Global Learning Exchange Network) regarding his approach and philosophy of visual facilitation.

Other registered participants have expressed their desire to continue in this workshop and to spend time exploring our practices, bringing emerging questions and learning from each other's professional practices. We have participants with consulting, academic, government and nonprofit experience. All proceeds from the workshop will go to the IFVP Institute to support its work in promoting the scientific, educational and charitable uses of visual practice.

While we are disappointed to have to make this shift, we think that it may open up new possibilities for new participants, and we hope you will agree and join us! Pre-meeting materials will be distributed to registered participants as we prepare to make this time the most productive possible. We are confident it will be a memorable and positive time together!

We expect the time to include a variety of conversations, potentially including but not limited to:

  • Discussing David's models of visual facilitation and watching video

  • Discussion of Susan Kelly's models and watching video interview

  • Forward looking conversations beyond our current practices

  • Learning from mediation experiences and sharing examples

  • Learning from consulting experiences and sharing examples

  • Reviewing the doctoral work of Chelsea Lei on the emergence of visual practice as a profession

  • Discussion of the emerging certification framework

  • Metaphors in visual facilitation

  • Discussion of systems thinking

  • Analysis of examples from founders

  • What emerges in our conversation!

Date: July 26-27 Hosted by Dr. Philip Bakelaar, President of IFVP and IFVP Institute
Place: IED Kunsthal Bilbao
Price: $850 Euros (IFVP Members will receive a 15% discount)