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IFVP Institute April Board Meeting

The IFVP Institute Board met for their April meeting. We took time to check in and noted various health challenges that have slowed down our work, but are glad that we are all doing better lately! We discussed our various individual projects, and then received updates on the certification project. We have gotten clarity on a variety of concerns and are making progress on an automated registration process that will reduce administrative overhead and allow us to focus more on assessment. When that system is in place, we will begin to implement our pilot cohort. We are also finalizing a document to wrap up version 1.0 of the Visual Practitioner Competency (Developmental) Model, which has grown out of extensive discussions in our community over the past decades, and will provide a framework for training, mentoring and explaining what it is we do. The IFVP Institute Visual Practitioner Competency Model is the underlying model for the IFVP Institute Visual Practitioner Certification. Finally, we discussed work on the bibliography that we are developing for the academic and scholarly/scientific foundations of our field. We have 170 books and articles that we are working to categorize and annotate in a series of blog posts. We are looking forward to sharing our work at the Montclair summit and continuing future developments of our projects.