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IFVP Southwest Regional Meeting

We had the inaugural meeting of the IFVP Southwest chapter last week. Everyone was engaged and we had a great gathering. People from all over the Southwest region (UT, CO, NM, AZ) were invited. We look forward to growing our community in the coming months and years. 

At the meeting on August 17th, presenters covered graphic recording techniques and graphic facilitation templates, we made visual dictionaries and got tips on some great tools. The group shared recommendations and we had fun getting to know each other. Many thanks go out to The Better Business Bureau Serving the Pacific Southwest for the beautiful space and my co-organizer Abby Wilkymacky of Mindflower Studio. I deeply appreciate her partnership in making this a reality.  

Our next meeting, most likely in October, will be a social event somewhere in the Greater Phoenix area. Stay tuned for more information!