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Investing in Our Global Learning Community

I’m Chrissie Bonner, a visual practitioner based in Philadelphia, PA (USA). Like you, I use illustration to tell stories, inspire, help people connect, and to have fun.  Prior to starting Illustrating Progress, I had a career in institutional philanthropy and capacity-building for nonprofit organizations (2007 to 2015).  

I joined IFVP back in 2014 when I first realized that visual practice (in all its evolving forms) is “an actual thing.” I haven't always been able to attend the annual conferences but when I have, I've made important personal connections. Many people I’ve met through IFVP are now also connected to me and my business as strategic partners or regular team members. IFVP is where I go to find exceptionally kind, talented people with a passion for this work and enthusiasm for learning. These are the people I want to partner with, who I want to represent my business, and who help our business thrive.

In addition to being the treasurer on the IFVP board, a few weeks ago I decided to make an additional investment in the IFVP as a sponsor and I wanted to share why…

The board is doing longer-term strategic planning with the support of a paid outside facilitator. While the specific strategies are still coming into focus, I sense a shift toward being more authentically international and holding this intention in all of our conversations around membership, board composition, programs, etc. And it is really hard work, especially as a working, volunteer board, and without an executive director to hold and implement our vision. 

I really admire and support the investment of time that the board is making and having an expert facilitator to help steward us through this conversation about our future.

IFVP has a fairly small operating budget.  Most of our income comes from membership fees and almost all of that goes directly towards supporting our administrative support from Launa Post (board and membership), Rebecca Dougan (bookkeeping), and Steve Ramsey (accounting).

We will need more resources and commitment to make this pivot, regardless of what strategies we pursue. I decided to give a sponsorship from Illustrating Progress because it really feels like the right time and the right thing to do.

From the vantage point of a business owner, member, and board director, I see IFVP members as our allies, peers, mentors, and strategic partners. I’m investing in a future where there are even more of these wonderful human resources from all over the world can become part of our learning community. 

Feel free to reach out to Launa ( to if you’d like to offer a sponsorship to IFVP at this time as well.