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It's Valentines Day -- Be a Matchmaker!

IFVP is looking for at least 2 Volunteers to work together to match Mentees to Mentors.

Read the volunteer description below and send an e-mail to if you are interested

Purpose of the position:

We are seeking Matchmakers who will help make connections to members who want to mentor other members and with members who wish to recieve mentoring. Mentor/mentee relationships play an important role in the IFVP Annual Conference. Connections are made in advance of the Conference with the intention of guidance leading up to, during, and often continuing post Conference. IFVP also encourages Mentor/Mentee relationships outside of the Conference setting.

Responsibilities and Duties:

People may seek mentoring advice regarding skills, business, coaching etc. so you will be in touch with a wide range of seasoned and inexperienced practioners. The volunteer(s) will organize a list of members who reach out to you as initial point of contact and then, acting as a Matchmaker, decide who could work well with whom, and set up introductions.

  • Design content mentor/mentee sign up form with information/questions required
  • Write copy for the program announcement
  • Review all mentors and mentees submission
  • Create criteria to match mentors to mentees
  • Communicate with mentors/mentees, introducing them and providing icebreaker questions to kick off the relationship
  • Troubleshoot if a match is not made in heaven
  • Coordinate with the conference team to ensure the program is aligned to conference expectations
  • If on site, faclitate a few ice breakers and check in on mentors/mentees
  • Post conference, design an evalaution survey to measure impact/success of program

We will provide you with the materials used in last year's program and you may choose to use that or innovate the existing process as you see fit.


  • Has the bandwidth - we estimate 20 to 25 hours of work over the next few months leading up to the conference in August 2020
  • Highly organized and detail oriented
  • Posesses emotional intelligence and is a people person
  • Strong written communication skills
  • Wants to contribute to the conference as a volunteer in a meaningful way
  • Wants to play matchmaker

Commitment Expected:

2020 Conference attendance is not a prerequisite, however it will be helpful if a Matchmaker were planning to be on site in Berkeley and be willing to provide any assistance in maintaining the established relationships and in organizing new connections with attendees seeking mentorship.