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Join the IFVP social media comittee as a volunteer

Start planning the new year and join IFVP as a volunteer!!

The IFVP is growing on an international level and we need to fill a couple of positions, all related to social media.
If you are social media savvy and would like to contribute to our work and tell people about it, join us.

Read the volunteer description below and send an e-mail to if you are interested.

Volunteer job description

Job Title 1:

LinkedIn Admin
LinkedIn is our professional channel, where conversations center around facilitation techniques, challenges, questions, etc.
We currently have 802 followers.

Job Title 2:

Twitter Admin
Twitter is our channel where we share links to content from other parts of the web and our members. We currently have 750 followers.

Job Title 3:

Instagram Admin
Instagram is our visual channel where we share other members’ work and interesting visual content. We currently have 2,017 followers.

Job Title 4:

Facebook Admin
Facebook is the place where we share information about IFVP activities as well as promote and educate members. We currently have 1,949 followers.

Work Location:


Purpose of the position:

  • Build community and followers
  • Continue to innovate the role and responsibilities of the channel to support the organization’s mission

Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Post and share information and content from the Board of Directors, newsletter, and communications committee
  • Find and share content, questions and information relevant to IFVP members and channel followers
  • Develop and track hashtags
  • Continuously update channel handbook/guide with current best practices, ways of working and tools, hashtags, passwords, etc.
  • Provide SMC Chair with channel analytics reports on a monthly basis


  • Social media savvy
  • Strategic in engaging and building community on a platform
  • Curious and driven by insight analytics
  • Desire to build the IFVP and contribute to the visual practitioner community

Commitment Expected:

About 5 hours a month, more if you have the bandwidth and motivation.