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July 7 OLS: Rapid Capture Lettering with Heather Martinez

Flyer for the OLS session in July 2023

Rapid Capture Lettering: What does Calligraphy have to do with it?


Want to brush up on your lettering but don’t know where to start? Want the confidence of knowing your letters are in proper form AND have the freedom to make them your own? Join us in this OLS session! 


In this hands-on session, you will discover:

  • The perception and definition of calligraphy. 
  • How studying calligraphic forms can enhance the lettering in your rapture capture. 
  • The most versatile lettering styles you can use in your graphic recordings inspired by calligraphy. 

Materials Needed:

Grab a variety of marker nibs and plenty of paper. Be sure to have one or more of each type of these nibs on hand (in any color):

  • Monoline - No.One round, TwinOne round, FineOne round, SketchOne (any size)
  • Brush - No.One Art, BigOne Art, TwinOne Brush, FineOne Flex
  • BroadEdge - No.One wedge, BigOne wedge, TwinOne chisel, TwinOne flat chisel

If you are working digitally, we will be working slowly so have the equivalent to these in brushes with velocity set to 0. You can set the pressure to your liking if you are proficient with this feature.

Let’s letter!

When: July 7, 2pm EDT

Registration is required:

Our Presenter: Heather Martinez of Let's Letter Together

Heather Leavitt Martinez started her work as a visual practitioner in 2011 while working at KornFerry, a leadership development company. She quickly realized that she wanted to work with a team of graphic facilitators so she pitched her idea to a systems engineering start-up in Washington, DC. She thought the only role she would have is a graphic recorder. She became a co-founder, art director and a scrum master of the Visioneering team. As a senior consultant for the intelligence community, Heather worked closely with organizational change managers to write facilitation guides and support multi-day offsites with visual facilitation. 

Heather claimed 2016 to be her lettering year. She studied with master calligraphers, sign painters and graffiti artists. Shortly after the administration change in 2016, Heather left DC and took a gap year to travel across North America in a 1947 teardrop trailer. In this time she kept a blog, wrote a book, created a platform to train other visual practitioners in lettering, and attended three, month-long artist residencies to focus on her fine art. 

Heather has arts administration training from the National Guild of Community Schools of the Arts, Colorado Creative Industries (CCI), and received a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts and CCI to expand her art career coaching model. Since the start of the pandemic she developed a platform called Tech Host Academy to help others make their online sessions more engaging, efficient, and equitable. And she combines meeting design with visuals by teaching at The Center for Appreciative Inquiry. 

She spends her afternoons making a mess and teaching lettering in her studio space at The ArtRoom at the Smiley building in Durango, Colorado.

Event Date and Time: 
Friday, July 7, 2023 - 2:00pm
Event Location: 
United States
Event Type: 
OLS Session
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