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Let's Be Clear...

Lately I've taken to telling clients that when they bring me in to work with their organization, I serve as their CCO. What's a CCO, you ask? We're all familiar with CEOs, COOs, CFOs and the like, but CCO is a designation I made up myself. It stands for Chief Clarity Officer, and it's something every organization needs. We live in a complex, ambiguous, and often highly abstract world. A world in which we talk about things like leadership, sustainability, accountability, innovation, engagement and the like, without recognizing that those are all abstract concepts that are open to widely divergent interpretations. My idea of leadership might be radically different from yours; a government official’s idea of engagement might be quite at odds with that of, say, a disability activist; and what the heck does innovation look like? 

Chief Clarity Officer to the rescue. Clarifying obscure concepts and making the abstract concrete is one of the key services I provide as a visual facilitator. I wrote about this at some length in a blog post last year. Click on the link to read more about this, and please comment - I'd love to hear your thoughts on the matter!