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Let's Talk About: Temple Grandin's new book Visual Thinking

"Having a visual thinker on your team could make all the difference."Grandin, Temple. Visual Thinking (p. 7). Penguin Publishing Group. Kindle Edition. 

I've just started reading Temple Grandin's new book "Visual Thinking." Especially in light of our visual thinking focus at the Bilbao Global Summit a few months ago, I was interested in seeing how someone who seems distant from our field of practice has come to value what we know so well from our experience. There is much referencing of scientific research about how people's brains are wired differently. I'm particularly interested in the people she identifies as "pattern visual thinkers": I can relate to the conversation about people who like maps and mind-maps and sketch in order to think. I grew up studying celestial navigation using sextants and chronometers, fascinated with how maps and charts could be created in different projections and allowing for whole system overviews for sense making. 

The IFVP Institute will be hosting some calls in the future for cross-disciplinary conversations with people who use visuals in many fields, but for now I'm wondering if anyone wants to join a slack channel on the IFVP slack platform to discuss this book further. Let's share our favorite quotes, discuss her claims, and work towards an online conversation where (who knows?) we might be able to invite the author! After the amazing speakers the Koko team recruited for Bilbao, who knows who knows who!