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A Letter from the Editor–July 2018


There is so much happening right now! This is not an exaggeration. The eye-twitching details alone are enough to fill up a screen. This is also the time of year when we find our way back to each other through the annual conference. Additionally, mid-year is a great time to check in, step back and see what all has happened since the year began. We began this year with three main goals: better, more consistent communication; more professional and business resources; more opportunties to connect beyond conference.

How our board has responded to those challenges:

  • Implemented graphically recorded meeting notes in the monthly newsletter


  • Creation of an IFVP member badge 


  • Iniitated the development of a Code of Ethics

unnamed (4).jpg

  • Launching of Monthly Fireside Chats and Graphic Jams

unnamed (3).pngunnamed (5).jpg 

  • Robust website redesign


I've had a front row seat in witnessing the amazing dedicated effort our board gives toward making IFVP the best for our membership. To them goes a very well deserved BRAVO!

One of the other great joys of this process–for me at least–has been having conversations with people who have been there from before the beginning of IFVP. Our community is the continuation of a beautiful vision and yearning for companionship in the midst of pioneering largely (pardon the pun) uncharted territory. This issue features an article by Susan Kelly, who recounts those early analog days of visual practice. In contrast, we have Member in the Spotlight, Phil Bakelaar, who is helping to usher in a new website and the host of a fireside chat about the benefits of web presence and social media. It's people like these, and many others, that give me a greater appreciation of IFVP for how it began and the where we are going, together.

Your friendly community newsletter editor,

Brandon Black


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