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Level Up Your Lettering :: Vancouver

Day One ::  Level Up Your Lettering
You’ve followed along in all of the “Unlock Your Neuland Markers” videos and maybe a few other online classes I’ve offered and you are ready to improve and learn more lettering styles.

In this hands-on class we will dive deeper into the lettering styles you already know and explore a few new ones. All supplies are provided for you. You are welcome to bring your own if you wish.

In addition to the basics and leveling up, we will also cover:

  • Marker hacks
  • Pen manipulation for the wedge, flat and brush tips
  • Formula for determining lettering styles for all sizes from titles to small print

Prior to the workshop, participants are asked to fill out a lettering self-assessment in order to customize and cover special interests and needs. Each participant is asked to complete the free “Unlock Your Neuland Markers” video series at Let’s Letter Together. Upon arrival to class, participants will receive handouts (hard copy and/or digital, your preference) and special pricing for future online lettering classes.

Day Two :: From Practical Applications to Creative Ecstasy
You’ve held a marker in your hand for as long as you can remember—you got this! Now you want to apply your awesome lettering skills to your job and impress your clients.

In the morning we will cover some practical applications of lettering as a visual practitioner. Depending on the needs of the class we may cover:

  • Chart titles
  • Key knowledge nugget composition
  • Lettering hierarchy
    Note: Participants will receive the more in-depth online courses for free.

In the afternoon we will experiment with different materials and how the lettering we learn can also be used to:

  • Make chalkboard signs using a variety of markers/chalk
  • Write with acrylic on black paper and other dark objects
  • Create calligraphic works of art

Imagine a room full of supplies and demos for you to experiment and take risks, ask questions, make mistakes AND masterpieces and have the resources there to troubleshoot. Heather will also answer questions you normally don’t have an opportunity to ask unless you hire her for private coaching. Speaking of private coaching, you will also receive an additional virtual private lettering session that you can redeem after the workshop (a $125 CAD value).


Workshop Fee (stated in CAD below, checkout will be in USD):
2-Day workshop: $500 CAD prior to Feb 2/$550 CAD after Feb 2-Feb 15
For those of you who can’t make both days you can choose the 1-Day option (your choice): $275 CAD
Please NOTE: This interface does no accept CAD payment. The equivalence has been averaged. The CAD may fluctuate a bit depending on the rate of the day you register. 

Space is limited to 20 participants (per day).
All supplies are included and each participant will leave with some awesome Neuland swag!
Bring your lunch, some snacks will be provided.

Please feel free to reach out to me via email: if you have any questions. I look forward to lettering with you in Vancouver!


Event Date and Time: 
Friday, February 23, 2018 - 9:00am
Event Location: 
Vancouver, 33 West 8th Avenue
Vancouver, BC V5Y 1M8
Event Type: