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March 31 Online Learning Series with Aaron Russell

What If(s) of Our Hybrid Future / Ideas & Tools.

Follow Aaron Russell as he takes us on a journey of creative reflection; what we used to do, what we’ve done during the pandemic, and where we might go in the not too distant future. Learn how Aaron is deepening his practice as a graphic recorder to playfully unearth synergistic possibilities that digital tools present. 

This 90-minute session is designed to stimulate conversation and idea sharing and promote the value and importance of connection and sharing ideas and best practices with each other.

You will be taken on a journey starting with Aaron’s adventures moving from purely analog to creating responsive, multi-layered digital recordings that can grow into time-lapsed video. And you will have opportunity to discuss and share ideas in the large group and breakout discussions. Topics include:

  • What we’ve been doing to push the envelope, sharing our wins and losses and considering how ideas and tools combine and evolve.
  • Sharing a) What we’ve done, b) What we’re doing, and c) What we are being called to do in the future.    
  • What ideas keep you awake at night (and a chance to hear about some exciting ‘Visual DJ’ like, ‘What If’ type ideas that keep Aaron awake at night)

The goal is for you to leave feeling inspired to play and push boundaries, and to have made connections with others.                               

When: March 31, 2:00 PM EDT

Madrid, Spain - 8pm CET

London, UK - 7pm GMT

Berlin, Germany - 8pm CET

Sao Paulo, Brazil - 4pm BRT

Buenos Aires, Argentina - 4pm ART

Mexico City, Mexico - 1pm CST

(please plan for a 2 hour session)

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Aaron, his wife Alice and their 5 Children live near Calgary Alberta Canada. Aaron graduated from the AB University of the Arts in 2004 with a degree in Visual Communications. He was thrilled to finally arrive (all be it late) to the graphic recording party around 2015. He’s passionate about Truth & Reconciliation and assisting Wellness Practitioners speak truth to power.

Event Date and Time: 
Thursday, March 31, 2022 - 2:00pm
Event Location: 
Online zoom (sent with registration confirmation)
Online Meeting, IL 60618
United States
Event Type: 
Online Learning Series