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Mission and Vision

Our Mission:
We promote, teach, and support the visual professional and practices globally to advance community, growth and development.
Our Vision:
Drawing the world together to think and work better through the power of visuals.
Our Guiding Principles: 
We are Self-aware:
     We engage in an inquisitive way with others, being open to giving and receiving feedback, leading towards personal mastery.
We are Generous:
     We openly share knowledge, experience, and resources with members, in the pursuit of professional mastery.
We are Collaborative:
     We engage and connect with our members as partners and fellow thought leaders, to advance the global visual community.
We are Professional:
     We establish standards and guidelines to better serve members and clients.
Our Goals & Strategy: 
     IFVP fosters community for growth and development at the international and regional level.
     IFVP fosters connectivity for partnerships.
     IFVP leads the field through visibility and credibility.

     IFVP curates professional opportunities and learning opportunities for growth and development of our members. 
     IFVP maintains online platforms required to support a global community.