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My favorite Neuland products (and what I use them for)

Neuland No.One® Art Outliner, brush nib 0.5-7 mm

If there’s only one thing you could buy from Neuland’s whole selection, I would recommend you get this marker. It was the one I used the most in my two-day graphic recording session. I felt the brush getting a little weaker and the ink briefly run out, but it kept recovering and the ink kept returning with force. It is quite a big barrel, so I feel these markers would stay juicy long before they need a refill (which Neuland provides). 

I used this marker to create relatively thin outlines and thick strokes, smaller-sized writing, and larger titles, and it was easy to vary the thickness as I needed it. I especially liked its shiny finish, which set it apart from the other markers I used on the paper.

Like the other Neuland markers I used, the lid was easy to pop off with one hand and it didn’t bleed through the thin paper I used (although there was a little ghosting when I colored over a single area multiple times).

Neuland No.One® Art, brush nib 0.5-7 mm – Single Colors

When we ordered the full set, I expected each marker to have a bigger barrel and was a little worried about how difficult it would be to carry them around. But these were surprisingly easy to handle—the sunken, colored part provides a great grip, and the colored caps made it easy to switch from one color to another very quickly. 

My favorite colors from the selection were the 500 yellow (which I named ‘pleasant yellow’ because it reminded me of warm sunlight) and the dusty blue. 

Neuland BigOne®, chisel tip 6-12 mm – single colours

I have yet to come across anything like this in the market—this marker is chunky! 

I use it for making broad strokes and titles on large paper, and since they’re well-designed for this purpose, you can work very quickly with them without the ink slowing down. 

Keep in mind that this one doesn’t have the glossy finish of the orange-barreled Neuland No.One® Art Outliner, so if you use both to color the same area, for example, the transition wouldn’t be seamless. 

I’m yet to try a lot of the markers in Neuland’s catalog, but so far, these have been the most fun for me to use. I hope you get your hands on a couple of them.