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Neuland Graphic Wall Equipment

Someone recently contacted me regarding this Neuland Graphic Wall. Christine, we spoke just for a bit but I had a conference call to make so I had planned on calling you back. Unfortunatly, I sincerely apologize, but I lost your contact information. Please send me an email at or text/call me once again at the number below and I would love to continue our discussion. 

SELLING a Neuland graphic wall. It is less than 1 year old and only used 2 times...condition is NEW. My storage situations have shifted, and I lost the free storage I've had to keep all this equipment. If any of you, your visual organizations or corporate clients might want this equipment, PLEASE CONTACT ME asap at: 347-546-7882.



Graphic Wall for Sale

Hello Anabellejjacks - I received your response to my post selling my Neuland graphic wall and all pertinent wall supplies. If you are interested, please do not contact me here, but use my email  for much faster response and communication. Also feel free to please call me at 347-546-7882 if you prefer. I am USA-based, located in NY-regional area (New Jersey). I look forward to hearing from you soon. 

Thank you!