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Neuland Markers introduced to workshop participants

At the recent National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation conference in Atlanta a group of IFVP members offered a workshop on "Visual Practice for Dialogue and Deliberation." Through the generous support of Neuland, we were able to offer participants their own first set of professional markers. The 349 conference attendees witnessed graphic recording in practice as we created 30+ boards, and the workshop participants were excited to begin their own scribing journeys.

This was a full circle event for me, as my first Neuland marker was given to me by a graphic recorder at the 2014 NCDD conference (11 years ago!).

We were able to demonstrate the no bleed through, quick drying, layering and refillable qualities of the markers. The participants represented a number of organizations and are taking back not only the skills they learned but also examples of the tools and resources available to the visual practice. We were also able to show the various learning maps, which were gifted to participants according to their own particular areas of interest. Our thanks to Neuland for their ongoing support of our field!

IFVP leaders were Julie Stuart, Martha McGinnis (not pictured), Rachel Thompson, Muddy Schlegel, Brian Tarallo and Phil Bakelaar