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Neuland Pre-Conference Workshop

How to be successful with analog tools in your virtual meetings and workshops
People often ask: "Can I bring my flipchart into my live online workshop?"
Sure, you have our blessing. Where would we be if we had to do this whole online thing without flipcharts, markers and all the other great analog tools we generally use in our job? Bring your flipchart and all the stuff from your workshop bags and we will share best practices to successful in your online sessions.
In this workshop you'll learn:
  • Tech tools and how they work with existing analog tools
  • How working small can make a BIG impact
  • Working in medium and big formats to find the right fit for you
Part 1: Introduction
Let's have a look at the technical part: We'll show you how you can manage to get yourself and your flipchart into your webcam.
You'll get tips & tricks for positioning your message or your knowledge into camera.
Part 2: Working small
In this part you'll learn how to bring your small tools big into your online-workshop or how to use these tools in your meeting.
Learn about the advantages of using these small tools in a big way in your workshop.
Part 3: Working medium
In this part you'll discover how to use your big markers on small paper. Yes, that's possible! Let's put some inspiration together.
What about a little challenge?
Part 4: Working Big
We're going to open our treasure chest and you'll find answers to these questions:
  • What will help you to manage the bigger formats in your online workshops?
  • What is necessary for readability?
  • What needs to be prepared?
  • What tools work best?
Special guest
Watch Elena Urizar graphically record the workshop on a Neuland GraphicWally. It's great to learn from her experiences out of this workshop directly for your own work.

About your Facilitators

Heather Leavitt Martinez is a visual practitioner, art coach and lettering artist living in Durango, Colorado. After studying with master sign painters, graffiti artists, and calligraphers—which she continues to do today—Heather decided to translate what she learned to teach other visual practitioners the tradecraft of breaking down any lettering styles into the professional tools they use in their work. Heather believes that what we write on the wall is more than mere handwriting—letters are the building blocks of communication.
Neuland Ambassador, Heather’s recent book, “Lettering Journey” was inspired by her North American cross-country trip. You can sign up for her free online course "Unlock Your Neuland Markers" and other offerings at
Sandra Dirks is a flipchart hero and live-online-workshop veteran with an online dating background. She blogs about flipcharts, facilitation & accessories to deliver ideas for workshops, coaching & everyday life. She prefers to test the limits of virtual spaces and inspires people to see the virtual space as a playground as well as the training room out there.
Every Friday she delivers a flipchart template idea in her YouTube channel. It's German, but you'll get the ideas from the videos.  Do you know her book about flipchart templates - Das große Flipchart-Vorlagen-Buch? By the end of August she'll deliver her first online courses in English as well. Follow her on Instagram to find out more. Find out more on her website:
Event Date and Time: 
Thursday, August 20, 2020 - 9:30am
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Previously recorded Zoom session (sent with registration confirmation)
Recorded Workshop, IL 60618
United States
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