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November Board of Directors meeting

The Board of Directors met in November for a regular meeting. This was both a happy and sad meeting in that it is the time of year when we say goodbye to some members and welcome new members.

IFVP is an amazing community, and as members move in and out of the board we learn from each other and inspire each other. What we do has real significance as we help people and groups gain clarity (here's looking at you Holger Nils-Pohl!) and advance important processes (like Zulma is doing in Colombia and Monica is doing at the US Institite Of Peace!).

We spent time reflecting on learnings and hearing insights from those completing terms. We then turned to renewing our work on implementing the strategic plan we developed early in 2022. Sarah provided a visual of our evolving personas matrix, which is central to our mission of bringing benefit to our members. From the personas we will move to clarifying value propositions and building out a communication plan that will open up many areas (tools, skills, business smarts, networking, job opportunities). We will also be spending time developing the 2023 Regional meetings and the 2024 Global Summit. If you have ideas about locations let us know (we have a few in the bucket already) and if you get a chance, reach out to the new board members to say thanks!