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October 2017 Member in the Spotlight: Mara Callaert

Your name, business name, title and location:
Mara Callaert, Visuality, Founder, Brussels/Belgium

Mara Callaert2-web.jpg


How long have you been an IFVP member?
3 years

How many IFVP conferences have you attended?

How many years as a visual practitioner?

How did you come to the field of visual practice?
Feedback I got from client on my doodles, during my consulting career. Apparently, they were valuable ;-)

Share an extraordinary experience you’ve had as a visual practitioner:
This is sketch note I drew during the official opening of the Tesla store. When I was drawing it, I doubted if I heard the numbers correctly. This wasn't the case (+ 9000 deaths, in London only). But I tweeted it anyway because I was aiming for interaction with El, and that happened! LOL! Sometimes you need some balls ;-)


What would like to see from the IFVP in the next 12 months?
More connection with Europe

What’s on your bookshelf? Which of the many books published by visual practitioners is your favorite?
Brandy Agerbeck’s The Graphic Facilitator's Guide
Mike Rodhe’s Sketchnote Handbook
For me, they’re the basics.

What is the best piece of advice you received from another visual practitioner? 
“Don’t be too hard on yourself.” This advice was given to me by Marielle Atanassova, who followed a training with Kelvy Bird. She said it takes years to become good in this practice, and quoted Kelvy on this.

Heather Willems from ImageThink shared with me her story on how her business model evolved. That was on a tired night in Brooklyn, over a nice cocktail. This chat inspired me to shift my 'freelance-based' business model to a model where I work with employees. The juniors I hired last years are all already much better than me in graphic recording ;-) I'm so proud!

Now I can focus more on OD work and the development of Visuality and the Euviz-community.

Christopher Malapitan, my business partner is a huge inspiration for me. There's no real piece of advice, but the way he scribes has influenced the whole company and our general style and approach!

Share a piece of your work with us:
This was an information design project on eco-efficient building.

Mara Callaert1-web.jpg

You can connect with Mara Callaert here:
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Mara's company in Belgium: Visuality