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Old Flame, New Love with Sheilvy Salazar

Passion Phase: Graphic Recorder (1-3 Years)

Sheilvy Salazar; United Arab Emirates–Dubai; Background: Fine Arts, Logistics; Social: Instagram @sheilvy and @workshopinc101

Sheilvy had a college romance with Visual Practice. "I am a graduate of Fine Arts so anything to do with colours and pens and drawing excites me," she revealed. But, once she left school an enticing opportunity to make good money at a well paying job divided her attention. She had to decided whether to stay loyal to her love or break off the relationship for a management position at a logistics company.

"I was young and needed a job so I chose money over passion at the time. I worked there for 11 years. The CEO of the company knew I loved drawing and would always find a way to be creative. She went to a training at the Grove that she end up really enjoying. When she came back she shared her experience with me. I did not realize you could really have this kind of relationship." That's when Sheilvy fell in love all over again and wasn't going to let love get away again. It's been three months since she left that company to be engaged with Visual Practice. 

"It was a bold step for me to leave my job after 11 years and start a new life in Dubai, but I'm fully committed. This is serious for me. What I love most about my love is how it makes people feel more engaged and simplifies everything from strategy to internal communications that can easily convey to all levels in the organisation. Visual Practice has been my inspiration to push myself, be better and always find a way to learn new stuff - even if it means longer hours. And another thing I love about it is that I can make an impact to other people in just so short a time."

"It has made me crave to learn...and learn fast–get into what makes others relationship with Visual Practice successful - what worked and didn't work... in short, with Visual Practice being my main focus now, life has the passion I did not have the chance to experience in the younger years of my career. The nice thing about living with your passion–which I am fortunate enough to do now everyday–is that I never get tired of it... there seems to be always something more beautiful, exciting, lots to learn and much more fulfilling at the end of the day."

"Lastly, I think what I want Visual Practice to know is how much it means to me. That it has brought me back to my path of purpose. As a creative person or a self-proclaimed artist, I found my purpose to simplify important messages to people around the world - breaking down words into illustrations and texts - that will somehow make a difference. It's pretty obvious I'm in love because even if i don't say it, those around me can tell I made the right decision. I feel bolder and freer, everyday. I will never leave the honey moon phase!"