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OLS - Ep. 1: Terry LaBan on Drawing People

On Episode One of IFVP's Online Learning Series: Drawing People with Terry LaBan
Watch the amazing Terry LaBan, comic artist, teacher, graphic recorder, and #IFVPmember, teach you his tricks for drawing people while graphic recording. He shares tips on cuteness, using the flow of curves to create efficiency for quick drawing, templates for people with simple tricks to easily connote ethnicity, visual signifiers, and an equation for understanding what style means.
Watch it here and get all the materials Terry used and created during his lesson. You must be an IFVP member to login to watch this video. Join us for this and other benefits of membership.
Reasons to Watch
Duration: 59:31
Who should watch this: beginner, intermediate, experienced
69 live viewers rated this episode with a NPS (Net Promoter Score) rating of 8.9 on a scale of 0 -10.
Viewer testimonials
"Terry was a great teacher. He listened to the requests from the group and taught quickly and skillfully! Loved his humor and teaching style."
"Quick and easy drawing people tips."
"He was friendly, clear and engaging, and made his process very unintimidating. His tips were helpful and I can see how I could incorporate what I learned into my work with a bit of practice."
"Terry's simple and straightforward style is perfect for GR and GF."
Thank you for providing this. It's helping me understand what the value of being part of IFVP is, and the sense of community it provides."
I’ve also included some notes from those that attended the session, all amazing in their style and way they interpreted Terry’s work.
These are my notes from the session, a bit messy because I was facilitating the call, the chat room and user issues, but I feel like I learned enough to make an impact on my people work. I am not very good at drawing people but I keep learning and getting better. I also included the pictures I drew the next day on The Value Web’s zoom hang out with Peter Durand and Chrissie Bonner. Some we spot on (Chrissie), others not so much (Peter)! Keep pushing yourselves! 
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