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OLS - Ep. 2: Ia Brix Ohmann on Designing Visual Templates

Watch the warm and welcoming Ia Brix Ohmann, facilitator, share her methodology for designing templates and how to integrate them into workshops. She shares important considerations to keep in mind when designing, laying out, and using visual templates, as well as sharing her Quick Start booklet on designing templates. Ia uses some low tech devices such as paper, post its, and markers in her presentation - making this a great episode to watch for a more creative way to present work virtually.
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Reasons to Watch
Duration: 1:03 minutes
Who should watch this: beginner/intermediate graphic facilitators and trainers, beginner/intermediate graphic recorders, beginner/intermediate solution designers
41 live viewers rated this episode with a NPS (Net Promoter Score) rating of 9.1 on a scale of 0-10.
Viewer testimonials
"I loved that Ia shared her knowledge from her failures (what she learnt the hard way!) Also, the technical aspects and how she prepared the content!"
"Very well laid out presentation. Easy to follow and valuable insights into making templates."
"Great content, just the right pace, clear instructions, lovely to provide a take away booklet. The subject of the session was highly relevant and watching Ia present was an education as well. Brilliant!"
"Well planned, really interactive, a powerful topic, great examples. It was a perfect workshop, one of the best I've attended."
"Ia was wonderful and easy to understand. She followed the agenda to the T and was on time and target with the information."
I’ve also included some notes from those that attended the session, all amazing in their style and way they interpreted Ia's work.
Anja Blesl shared her notes from the session on LinkedIn.
Andi Roberts in the UK shared his notes on Twitter.
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