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ONLINE - Bikablo Basics Day 2

Learn and practice the bikablo® visualization technique.

Through this training you will be introduced to, and learn to use, simple techniques for creating graphic elements, containers, people and symbols. In this way, you develop the basic skills to create custom logos and simple diagrams to enhance communication materials and presentations.

What to expect in Day 2 training... 

Day 2 builds on the foundational concepts covered in Day 1. We take your visualization skills to the next level by refining your lettering skills, and elements for designing visual communications. The Day 2 agenda covers:

  • Review key concepts covered in day 1
  • Tips for writing large scale
  • Creating headlines with visual interest that stand out
  • Capturing information in a live setting
  • Creating mobile elements for interactive experiences
  • Using and creating visual templates and layouts
  • Final project: you will create a flipchart poster that brings together what you have learned throughout the day in a tangible example such as an agenda, process, model, or roadmap

What’s included in the training?

  • Bikablo® StarterSet: Every participant will receive the official bikablo starter set which includes four visualization markers and two exclusive 32-page starter booklets that summarizes the key principles, content, and techniques of the training.
  • Photo documentation of the training will be provided to participants in a digital format after to use as a training reference.
  • certificate confirming your participation in the training and a list of the content covered in the course.
  • An invitation to join the online bikablo® alumni community where you can access further readings, links, tips, visual inspirations, and connect with other visual practitioners around the globe who have taken bikablo training.
  • Neuland discount: bikablo has an agreement with Neuland. Upon completion of the training course, you will receive a one-time 15% discount on a range of products (excl. books; cannot be used in combination with other offers or discounts)

This training is for you if, for example...

  • You are (still) convinced that you are not at all talented and still would like to learn how to visualize.
  • You have little experience with visualization so far and are looking for an easy way to improve your flip charts or whiteboarding skills with containers, graphics, symbols, and simple figures to make them clearer, visually appealing, and engaging.

*This is the day 2 basics training split into four 2-hr. sessions

  • Session 1 – Tuesday, June 15, 9:00 am MST
  • Session 2 – Tuesday, June 15, 12:30 pm MST
  • Session 3 – Thursday, June 17, 9:00 am MST
  • Session 4 – Thursday, June 17, 12:30 pm MST
Event Date and Time: 
Tuesday, June 15, 2021 - 9:00am
Event Location: 
Calgary, AB T3H 1N1
Event Type: 
Bikablo Basics Day 2 Visual Training