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Open Call for Time and Talent

Will you answer the call? We want to include your insights, aha’s, and experiences in the newsletter. Do you have something you’d like to share with the IFVP tribe? If you are not sure of the best topic, here are some ideas:
  • Personal experiences in graphic facilitation or recording
  • Interviewing another visual practitioner
  • Essays about field specific topics, e.g., history of the field, future of the field, scope of the field
  • Knowledge you have gained about tools, techniques, and the process of doing the work (using markers, apps, styli, foam core, paper, cutting tools, packaging, travel luggage, etc.)
  • Reviews of tools, books, and events related to the field of visual practice
  • Invites to regional/local meet ups and reviews of the events
  • Links to already published articles and resources by you or others that you would like to share on our social media channels.
If you have other topics in mind, we would love to hear about them, but please keep in mind that we want to steer away from content that is selling a service or promoting a business. 
If you write about your work and work product, we suggest that you describe a problem you faced and how you solved the problem. You can also talk about your process from design, to planning, and through to execution, as well as any tools and methodology that you used. Last but not least, you can include lessons that you learned and overall lessons that the community can learn from your story. The more of these elements that you can include in your article, the more likely the article will be useful to other members and the less likely it will be viewed as a marketing piece.
Please send submissions to and someone from the Newsletter desk will follow up with you. Looking forward to all the magic you can bring to our community!