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The Power of Visual Communication in Your Mediation Practice

Experienced family mediator, Helen Slade, introduced visual mediation techniques in her practice after learning about them online and immediately received great feedback from her clients!

That’s why she has invited, me, Lisa Arora, expert in visual mediation, to introduce you to the ways YOU can use visual communication to make the mediation process more effective, creative and interactive for YOUR clients.

In a visual mediation, parties can literally see what they’re saying. It has a catalytic effect on the conversation and ultimately improves decision-making. The idea of writing stuff down is so simple, yet the impact is so profound.


If you attend this webinar you will learn:

>> The problem visual communication solves for parties in mediation
>> Why visual communication is so powerful for parties in resolving conflict
>> Key points in the process of working with your clients where visual communication could really help
>> Ways you can begin to work visually (even if you worry that you can’t draw)


Event Date and Time: 
Wednesday, December 13, 2017 - 4:00pm
Event Location: 
Victoria, BC K0A3L0
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