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Practice Your Drawing and Don't Take Things Too Seriously

One of my early graphic recording gigs was in the fall of 2010. I was scribing for a major pet food company. It was the start of day two and I was just beginning to feel comfortable in front of the room drawing for the dozen executives. I had drawn a dog and cat standing on their hind legs, with the dog holding a banner. The participants were calling out takeaways from the previous day. As I was capturing content, the lead executive in his deep Australian accent, asked if I drew a kangaroo. I felt compelled to answer, and rather than feel devastated about my ability, I replied, “I suppose it could be, if one has a pet kangaroo.” It got a good laugh.

My drawing skills were questioned in a very similar situation a few years later. I was doing a very quick cartoon of the CEO when all of a sudden he stopped talking, turned towards me and asked if the drawing was supposed to be him. I said "of course not, you're not a cartoon!" Amid the whole room's laughter, he said, "Good, because I don't think I can grow out my sideburns the way you drew them." 

So, remember to keep your sense of humor. And since I didn’t crumble and give up, I’ll be celebrating my ten-year graphic recording anniversary in a few months. Cheers!