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Private Visual Satsangs, Fall 2022

private visual satsangs banner of zoom computer with true people gathered

Saturdays: October 22, 2022 - February 18, 2023 (10am - Noon, Pacific Time)

Location: Live Zoom Webinars, 16 2-Hour Sessions

Private processing container hosted by Christina Merkley over 16 weeks. Limited to just 10 members. Use your triggers as a springboard for deep inner work. Myriad of processing techniques and tools including meditation, non-dual self-inquiry, systemic constellations, polarities, parts work and more. All in a visual way. Open to all levels of processors - beginner to advanced. Powerful one-of-a-kind catalyst.

Event Date and Time: 
Saturday, October 22, 2022 - 10:00am
Event Location: 
Victoria, BC
Event Type: 
Online Weekly Webinar