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Productizing your graphic recordings

Have you ever wondered what your clients do with the graphic recording you drew for them after the event? Chances are it is rolled up and sitting in a closet somewhere, mostly forgotten. The thought makes me cringe, especially since there is so much value captured on that one piece of paper. Maybe there is something you can do to extend the life and value of the drawings you created. Here are some ideas:

  1. Take pictures of inspirational quotes captured on the graphic recording and turn them into social media posts.
  2. Redraw checklists and bulleted items into postcards that can be sent or given out to participants later on to help them recall things to remember.
  3. Turn the entire recording into a multi-page 'zine that reads like a story.
  4. Capture big ideas on poster-size pieces of paper (or easel paper) to hang in the hallways at the office.
  5. If there are many artifacts from an event, convince your client to invest in a bound book that can be handed out at the next event or used as a brag book for investors (I use for my bound books).
  6. Make a card deck from captured outcomes that can be used to further the conversation at the next meeting.
  7. Offer to design a physical frame for the wall that the client can swap out full-size, original graphic recordings as they get them. (Ping me if you want the schematic I designed. I am happy to share:
  8. Redraw some of the most piquant outcomes of the graphic recording to spark future conversations or even inspire future workshops.
  9. Photograph the coolest little bits and turn them into stickers or buttons.
  10. Add Augmented reality and virtual reality to the graphic recording.  Fuselight Creative is leading the way in this emerging technology (

A great way to sell the above to a client is to follow up each meeting with a PDF document that shows them what can be pulled from the recording and how it can be used. This gives you an opportunity to extend the life of the job and broaden the impact of the work you performed. You may need to hire a graphic designer to assist with the book and 'zine design or an AR/VR professional for the technology pieces, but the investment may be worth it. At the least, you possess skills to offer your client more ways than one to glean value out of the graphic recording. I hope this inspires your potential.