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From Psychology Grad to Visual Alchemist: My Unexpected Journey

Hello and welcome! Thank you for taking the time to read my story.

My name is Alexandra Oporto d’Ugard, and I hail from Lima, Peru – the birthplace of ceviche! You might be wondering how and what I do in the wonderful world of visuals. Well, at heart, I'm a graphic designer by profession. My university studies were in psychology, and I even worked in Human Resources for a while. However, the past five years have taken my life on a different path, one heavily influenced by visuals.

It all began in 2017 when I attended a Bikablo training. Witnessing the practice of a Visual Facilitator sparked a passion within me. The idea of using drawings and colors to share and help people understand information simply blew me away!

From that moment on, I couldn't think of a better way to both unleash my creativity and assist others in the companies I worked for. So, I made the life-changing decision to fly to Germany for the first time ever – and it proved to be the best choice I could have made. I became a Bikablo Trainer and had the immense privilege of working with their amazing team until 2022.

New surprises unfolded in 2023, leading me to become an IFVP Board Member. Today, I find myself part of a highly experienced and professional team whose mission is to help you, yes you, shine and develop your visual skills. And that's exactly what we do!

This year, the exciting IFVP Conference is happening, and you shouldn't miss it! I attended the last one before the pandemic, and it was an unforgettable experience. I had the chance to meet and interact with leading figures in the field, including having coffee and learning invaluable tips and tricks (the Neuland workshops, by the way, are a must!). So, don't hesitate to register for the event – the IFVP Conference promises to be wonderful!

During the previous conference, I was lucky to be assigned Sam Bradd as my mentor. While his vast experience was enlightening, what truly resonated with me was his friendliness, openness, and approachability. These are qualities I deeply appreciate in people. After all, expertise is crucial, but so is accessibility.

I hope to see you there! Let's draw together, discuss how visuals can bridge communication gaps and create a world of better understanding, and ultimately, contribute to a better future.