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Reboot the World

I will be sharing the stage tomorrow with Al Gore! (virtually, of course) It's my privilege to be invited to speak at UnconferenceX Campus Party this weekend, with an invited group of creators, creatives and communities from all over AustralAsia and beyond

I will be hosting a visual conversation on the power of metaphors to shape our language and experience called: "Why are we at war: Re-imagining our personal and collective future through metaphor". Join in the links below. It's all free

UnconferenceX stands for great spirit and values who want to be part of this movement, community, and festival.
The focus is on celebrating our actions, doing, creating, imagineering, inventing. It will be an opportunity to share through conversations, Human Library, teaching something new, performing, music, games, fun activity and brainstorming.
You can register by going to and sign up from there.

#CPDE #everydrawingisagift #Covid19

Event Date and Time: 
Saturday, July 11, 2020 - 1:00pm
Event Location: 
132-D Sophia Road
Event Type: 
Virtual Conference