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Reduced Priced Basic Membership Has Launched

Are you renewing your IFVP membership in the near future? Or considering joining for the first time? Currently all members belong at the Premium level* which comes with specific benefits. Our new Basic membership plan has just launched. Those who may not want access to Premium assets can now join at a reduced cost. The graphic provides a brief overview of the tiered plans.

Anyone can join at the Basic rate whether they consider themselves to be novice or seasoned professional, but keep in mind that membership is what keeps IFVP alive. Membership fees cover at least $40,000 of annual operating expenses.

* Membership fees are renewable on yearly basis. Basic is $60 USD. Premium is $175 USD with the option to reserve two years for $315.  Current members are considered Premium until time for renewal and will be given the option to lower their tier or remain at same level.