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Self-care culture

If you are a facilitator, graphic recorder, or teacher, you know we use a lot of muscles when performing our job,
standing, almost all day, moving shoulders and arms, holding pens for writing and drawing.

Earlier this year, I started to have a pain on my left shoulder (I am left-handed).
It happened while I was doing a graphic recording in one event.

After that, I’ve consulted with a physical therapist and hired a trainer to help me strengthen that
and other parts of my body. My team members and I shared stories of our health conditions and we’ve been
creating a culture of self-care in our team.

Here’s one example of how we do it. On the day of the event, we warm up with some stretching.
During the day we take some rests whenever we can.
I find it is more beneficial to integrate small breaks throughout the day than having a big break when the work’s done.
Especially on the lunch break, after a little reflection of the morning sessions,
I encourage my team to find a place to sit or relax individually.

One extra thing is that on the lunch break, I don’t talk much unless it’s necessary.
Talking less really helps me conserve energy, improve mental stamina and concentration,
and as the day ends, I feel less exhausted.

Our favorite quick-fix for any tiredness, stiffness and headache is a forward fold, a simple yoga post,
as shown in this photo. We do this post after we’re done with each session.
It is extremely helpful for me to focus on my breath and calm my mind also.

I’d love to hear about your self-care routine or do you have any extra tip to share?