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Summit Win: Heather Martinez pre-summit and participation

In the years I've been participating in IFVP and the conferences/summits, one of my vivid memories is of trainings with Heather Martinez. I can still picture a previous conference workshop where there was literally standing room only, with the room full of people standing shoulder to shoulder all practicing their lettering. I'm looking forward to taking Heather's presummit on lettering, as this is one of the weakest parts of my visual practice. Not only is Heather great at lettering, but she is a kind and gracious human being, whose presence at the Summit will be felt not only at her pre-summit but throughout the week as she participates with us in open spaces, mealtime conversations and workshop conversations. I hope that you will be able to attend and share in this great community gathering. All members of the IFVP (basic and premium) also have access to a number of videos Heather has done with us as part of our Online Learning Series. Thanks Heather for being part of our community!

LEVEL UP YOUR LETTERING: GREATEST TIPS will be taught by Heather Martinez. Heather is a master teacher. She writes: Relying on your handwriting when capturing live in front of a client is fine, but you can level up your lettering by learning a few hot tips and the Lettering Hierarchy Formula to ensure you are capturing the right information at the right size. Build your confidence in the letters you write with field-tested practices and resources, designed with the visual practitioner in mind. Don’t have time to take the 2-day in-person or 4 week online course? In this full-day workshop, you will learn:
• Hot Lettering Tips designed for visual practitioners
• The Lettering Hierarchy Formula to efficiently capture all levels of information in live and studio sessions
• How to scale up a unique lettering style using the BigOne wedge or BigOne Art Marker (or both!)
You will also receive pre-con access to several online courses to get the ink flowing. AND access to the full suite of live lettering sessions and archives at (worth more than the price of admission).