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Summit wins: Bruce VanPatter in residence

I'm going to write a series of blogs on why I'm excited about the upcoming Global Summit at Montclair State. The image above is part of the story of why I'm really looking forward to seeing Bruce VanPatter at the summit. For many years I have served on the board of Compass82, a nonprofit organization working to provide case management to people recovering from flood events. Along the way I've been an advocate for visual approaches, and at one point the director asked me for help creating a series of "tip sheets" that would help people preparing for or recovering from a disaster to think about important matters they would need to attend to. I sat down with her and we iterated a few sketches of what she had in mind, and then we decided to send it out for a professional finish. I suggested she give Bruce a call and not long afterwards she called me super excited about the drafts she was receiving. Since that time we've worked on a number of visuals with Bruce and all have been used nationally by our organization and others. Having the visual and verbal together is a game changer (as if we didn't already know that!). Bruce will be with us through the entire summit to do some graphic recording, offer a workshop, and do some formal and informal mentoring along the way. A summit win! Join us if you can for this great opportunity to work with one of our senior practitioners!