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Thank You for Your Board Service

There comes the time when Board of Directors terms of service are up. This year we say goodbye to our directors who have completed their terms of office: Sunny BenBelkacem, Chrissie Bonner, Neha Govil, Tamara Kotestsky, Sven Retore, and Elena Urizar.

Sunny, while Phil Bakelaar is doing a fantastic job as IFVP president I will always miss your leadership and our constant banter and brainstorming sessions. Chrissie, you were a terrific and engaged treasurer. Neha, your wise, thoughtful voice provided great insight and value to the organization. Tamara, we appreciated your South American perspective. Sven, you always challenged us to think and set our priorities straight. Elena, your UX experience kept us on the right path.

Volunteering takes a lot of time, and we will also miss Matteo Becchi, Reilly Dow, and Miryam Artolla Dendaluce, who’ve resigned from the board this year due to prior commitments.

Matteo, your contribution to defining IFVP personas is beyond value. Reilly, your ideas, and enthusiasm always enhanced our board meetings. Miryam, you gave so much of your time to ensure the 2022 IFVP Global Summit would be the success that it was.

Thank you all for your contributions and efforts to our organization. I know you aren’t leaving us so I look forward to further collaborations.