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Thorough security and Graphic Recording

A few years ago I was hired to work at the headquarters of an aerospace conglomerate that produces commercial, military, executive and agriculture aircrafts and they asked to submit in advance a thorough list of materials on my working bag and the exact amount of each similar item. I complied. Well, little did I know that upon arrival on site, before going through the x-ray machine, the security team will be checking the submitted list item by item and inspecting every single marker I had (there were 121 of them) uncapping them and trying a few ones! It took me 45 minutes to get in and another 45 min to get out of their facility. 



The worst that happened to me was going through security and they didn't know what my protractor was. I reminded them it was from geometry in high school - they still didn't understand. I explained it was how I drew perfect circles and arcs. They still didn't understand. I had to pull a piece of paper out and show them how to use the protractor before TSA decided to let me through security with my protractor.