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Version 1.0 of our Personas

As part of the Board of Director's work on strategic planning, we have settled on version 1.0 of our personas. Our goal was to think clearly about who our members are and what different needs they have. We intend to serve our members with solid value, and the persona framework will help. 

Enthusiasts captures a large community of visual practitioners who do not depend on visual work for their livelihood. They may be just learning or may have some years of experience, but in general do little or occasional graphic recording or graphic facilitating. This group may also include faculty at schools who are teaching visual practice or who act as subject matter evangelists to promote the field and community. 

Independent/Self-employed captures another large part of our community of visual practitioners who do graphic recording and graphic facilitation as a main part of their livelihood and financial income. These may be just starting out, or may have decades of experience. They have concerns around promoting their practice, managing client expectations, dealing with basic business issues like accounting and insurances and contracting. 

Agency owners, employees and subcontractors in another part of our community. We expect this to continue to be a growing part of our field as independent/self-employed practitioners grow their businesses and work collaboratively with others. There are particular concerns here around human resource management, benefits questions, interaction with other agencies and equity. 

In-house refers to those visual practitioners who (increasingly) work for large corporations providing visual support services.

If you have ideas about the value IFVP can bring to any of these, send us a note at so we can add it to our planning work. We are here for you as the premier international professional association for our field!